Self Build & Custom Build

Self-Build and Custom Build.

We work with land owners, local authorities and individuals who whish to create sustainable custom build communities. We provide all the services required to make a project happen.

We can support you to organise your own self-build or custom build offer, or create your own 'land club' or custom build development.

Typical services can include:

  • - Attracting demand – our work led to receipt of 280 enquiries for one project
  • - Applying where eligible for grants and loans
  • - Engagement with prospective self-builders and custom builders
  • - Assessing the feasibility of the site, establishing the costs and options
  • - Facilitating access to mortgages
  • - Co-ordination of the technical work, including town planning
  • - Initial Development Appraisals

Serviced Plot Approach

  • - The Enabling developer installs site services, drains and roads to provide serviced plots
  • - Serviced plots marketed and sold, together with contract to supply & assemble house kit
  • - Buyer secures mortgage matched to product to fund the plot and house 'kit'
  • - Kit Co supplies & erects the house

We are members of the National Association of Self-Builders. (NaSBa)

Groups and individuals - Commissioning your own home

'Land club' and finding land.' Club together with friends and start your own land club. We can help to find sites, assess viability and assist to make your development affordable by developing together.

Bickleigh Eco-Village, 91 Zero-Bills Eco Homes

Sketch of "Service Plot"

An Self-commissioned home. Designed by C.E.P.M.

Eco Homes

NEWS! Custom Build loan extended.

The chancellor has announced that £150 million is being made available for custom build to extend the existing £ 30 million funding available. The new fund will be focused solely on the provision of serviced building plots.

We are already at the final stages of an application custom build funding from the existing £ 30 million fund, and have a track record of successful grant applications.